The Kingdom of Malitis
Leader King Theralis Ravencrown IX and High Warlord Mor'thuk Loctos
Alignment Lawful Good
Constitution Treaty of Malitis
Affiliations Dwarven Kingdoms, Elven Empire, Wyvern Accord, United Isles
Races Humanoids,
Main Language Common
Cities Westforge
Airships 10
Date Established 81st of Winter; 1998 Iron Age
Date Fragmented Active
Status Active

"Why are we fighting? Is there a reason for all this meaningless death and destruction? There is no honor, or justice in this war! All it is a bloodbath of innocence on both sides! There is no reason to continue, I sugest we end this now. And rule together. No more war, no more death, no more destruction." -Lord Caeltas Ravencrown I, of the Unified Human Nations

The Kingdom of Malitis is a large Kingdom that spreads across all of Malitis. It has ruled over the land for 3000 years, and faced many enemies. It was formed after the Iron War, when the Treaty of Malitis was signed, uniting the Orcs and Humans in peace. Both the United Isles, and the Wyvern Accord are sub-Factions under the Kingdom of Malitis. The Alliance of Amadar holds the Kingdom of Malitis in an alliance with the Elven Empire and the Dwarven Kingdoms.









The government the Kingdom of Malitis is a monarchy, with both a King and a High Warlord that share equal power, only with each other as their superior. To avoid conflicts King Caeltas Ravencrown I agreed to become a Paladin and that all his kin would be trained as such to avoid a tyrant. If the order is broken or corrupt, a full consensus of all the governors can replace the King as a council until a more suiting leader has been found to take his place. The position of High Warlord, however is passed down, but can be taken over by one of Orc decent who believes that the current leader is failing in their duty. The conflict is decided by a one on one duel between the current High Warlord and the challenger, the winner claiming the title High Warlord.

Below the Royal Lines, and their advisers, are the Governors of each Hold. There are 10 holds in the Kingdom of Malitis, each ruled over by a Governor. These holds stretch out to encompass it's regional capital, and many small towns that work under it. In a time of great need the governors can convene a council to replace the King temporarily, until a new king is crowned.

Each Governor is chosen by the King and High Warlord. If one does not like the candidate, they move on until they find a candidate that they both agree on to rule that land. If a governor breaks a law, he may be removed from office at the discretion of the King or High Warlord, and a new one will take their place.


Each party (the King and High Warlord) have 2 military commands under them, the King taking over the skies and seas, while the High Warlord rules over the ground forces as well as all strategic plans and reinforcement soldiers.

Command Structure

  • King Theralis Ravencrown IX
    • Prince Theralis Ravencrown X
      • High Seer Polanis
        • Aerial Admiral Aeris, of the Aasimar's Fate
          • Sky Captain Tonmog, of the Fireguard
            • 1st Commander Ariel
            • 2nd Commander Medra
          • Sky Captain Ethan, of the Flying Monkey
            • 1st Commander Porthus
            • 2nd Commander Lorrin
          • Sky Captain Swal, of the Ancient Defender
            • 1st Commander Reicher
            • 2nd Commander Ueri
          • Sky Captain Varith, of the Spectral Raven
            • 1st Commander Witlock
            • 2nd Commander Carvell
          • Sky Captain Xeralk, of the Orbit
            • 1st Commander Danwan
            • 2nd Commander Garille
          • Sky Captain Arron, of the Decadence
            • 1st Commander Sorizall
            • 2nd Commander Ollorok
          • Sky Captain Orian, of the Lonely Solstice
            • 1st Commander Pimzu
            • 2nd Commander Lester
          • Sky Captain Operisa, of the Vestige
            • 1st Commander Delnalore
            • 2nd Commander Diamia
        • Naval Admiral Tarial
          • Fleet Admiral Dareth, of the Styx's Beauty
            • Commodore Gorek, of the Aesir
              • Captain Kumol, of the Eglinton
              • Captain Eather, of the Auriga
              • Captain Poll, of the Langport
              • Captain Oran, of the Eurus
              • Captain Walinth, of the Genereux
            • Commodore Yorin, of the Somali
              • Captain Tont, of the Windsor
              • Captain Lorry, of the Circe
              • Captain Grana, of the Barnstaple
              • Captain Osser, of the Charybdis
              • Captain Ukrimarsh, of the Peruvian
            • Commodore Honask, of the Colossus
              • Captain Resmythe, of the Oracle
              • Captain Arocoril, of the Austere
              • Captain Edsel, of the Latona
              • Captain Bendix, of the Pomone
              • Captain Milo, of the Easton
            • Commodore Mogetar, of the Progresso
              • Captain Widrey, of the Donegal
              • Captain Wilos, of the Charger
              • Captain Ahmed, of the Verdun
              • Captain Caz, of the Punjabi
              • Captain Erdon, of the Beatty
            • Commodore North, of the Havick
              • Captain Marret, of the Superb
              • Captain Xida, of the Untamed
              • Captain Lumomur, of the Bedham
              • Captain Jussuf, of the Mandate
              • Captain Gargin, of the Forfar
          • Fleet Admiral Rialin, of the Tsunami's Wrath
            • Commodore Nedkath, of the Axford
              • Captain Dorurall, of the Brigandine
              • Captain Danser, of the Mulgrave
              • Captain Leland, of the Blackburn
              • Captain Marmita, of the Meleager
              • Captain Zennys, of the Battlecry
            • Commodore Quohorn, of the Thunderbolt
              • Captain Ebbo, of the Trident
              • Captain Elitrix, of the Aetna
              • Captain Qiprys, of the Bonito
              • Captain Kororin, of the Calgary
              • Captain Oridal, of the Athenienne
            • Commodore Aloshi, of the Imogene
              • Captain Thamcaryn, of the Arbroath
              • Captain Kirorook, of the Cranefly
              • Captain Yarorin, of the Bastion
              • Captain Petphanis, of the Matilda
              • Captain Frilyeras, of the Allepin
            • Commodore Rohkazar, of the Ravenguard
              • Captain Ronaonv, of the Achille
              • Captain Orsine, of the Gironde
              • Captain Crakoris, of the Cradley
              • Captain Gorumira, of the Paramour
              • Captain Koz, of the Cadmus
            • Commodore Cormin, of the Kilby
              • Captain Ostorin, of the Proteus
              • Captain Gajarel, of the Bryony
              • Captain Mokork, of the Keppel
              • Captain Senchu, of the Germaine
              • Captain Kenny, of the Rorqual
          • Fleet Admiral Orega, of the Autumn
            • Commodore Keragu, of the Nepal
              • Captain Loratihne, of the Epreuve
              • Captain Trakosk, of the Apelles
              • Captain Kalman, of the Winchelsea
              • Captain Walgretor, of the Pandour
              • Captain Brakarim, of the Brockville
            • Commodore Ilephira, of the Harman
              • Captain Damaris, of the Redmill
              • Captain Rocky, of the Torbay
              • Captain Halykaen, of the Harrier
              • Captain Lorcraes, of the Havelock
              • Captain Belsire, of the Topaze
            • Commodore Pranav, of the Hestor
              • Captain Ophilahne, of the Gallarita
              • Captain Davreak, of the Brunswick
              • Captain Urosha, of the Barbuda
              • Captain Falxiron, of the Hatherleigh
              • Captain Ophiwalyn, of the Pelter
            • Commodore Almorn, of the Ufton
              • Captain Laetitia, of the Galgo
              • Captain Quobul, of the Voltaire
              • Captain Alivia, of the Deschaineux
              • Captain Yenorin, of the Orkan
              • Captain Rurook, of the Ettrick
            • Commodore Trudel, of the Rawalpindi
              • Captain Xanovar, of the Gurkha
              • Captain Zylnan, of the Bittern
              • Captain Sinja, of the Pesaquid
              • Captain Gayle, of the Zenobia
              • Captain Shana, of the Levalent
  • High Warlord Mor'thuk Loctos
    • Warlord Loreg Loctos
      • High Chieftain Quarn
        • Field Admiral Jortil
          • Highlord Marris, of the 1st Division
            • Legion General Iltin, of the 1st Legion
            • Legion General Bolreg, of the 2nd Legion
            • Legion General Quarsh, of the 3rd Legion
            • Legion General Usari, of the 4th Legion
            • Legion General Norick, of the 5th Legion
          • Highlord Darius, of the 2nd Division
            • Legion General Ettar, of the 6th Legion
            • Legion General Fordrin, of the 7th Legion
            • Legion General Vathamus, of the 8th Legion
            • Legion General Otarn, of the 9th Legion
            • Legion General Sarris, of the 10th Legion
          • Chieftain Pirassil, of the 3rd Division
            • Legion General Horzu, of the 11th Legion
            • Legion General Siniral, of the 12th Legion
            • Legion General Nildeyr, of the 13th Legion
            • Legion General Curcio, of the 14th Legion
            • Legion General Durazur, of the 15th Legion
          • Chieftain Rotalk, of the 4th Division
            • Legion General Belemin, of the 16th Legion
            • Legion General Kamaglar, of the 17th Legion
            • Legion General Zinenyphe, of the 18th Legion
            • Legion General Tirell, of the 19th Legion
            • Legion General Edsel, of the 20th Legion
        • Strategic Admiral Ronald
          • Sky Captain Daren, of the Forgotten Maiden
            • 1st Commander Korrig
            • 2nd Commander Yamara
          • Commodore Rall, of the Sea Dragon
              • Captain Birgit, of the Mackerel
              • Captain Xomo, of the Gnat Sinker
              • Captain Krainys, of the Lofoten
              • Captain Hunudur, of the Dilston
              • Captain Kraigak, of the Opal
            • Commodore Lom, of the Portila
              • Captain Arrik, of the Frigate
              • Captain Peon, of the Ghoul Smasher
              • Captain Jorrin, of the Torgal
              • Captain Ralk, of the Rust
              • Captain Weath, of the Ruby
          • Grand Marshal Reginald, of the 5th Division
            • Legion General Lorel, of the 21st Legion
            • Legion General Kraktoll, of the 22nd Legion
            • Legion General Fralin, of the 23rd Legion
            • Legion General Pasumir, of the 24th Legion
            • Legion General William, of the 25th Legion


The Royal Leadership is the branch above all others, they stay out of the main fighting, and mainly rule over the political standings of the Kingdom, while the four High Admirals take care of the military business, but if needed the Royal Leadership will step in as a commander of all branches. The three main branches are the Aerial Armada, the Naval Forces, and the Ground Army. The four High Admirals hold equal ranks, but beyond that there are two ranks for inter-army disputes; Officers, marked by a (*), and Soldiers. If there is an inter-army dispute between an officer and a soldier, it is settled by the officer. If there is a dispute between two soldiers, it is settled by their respective officers. If two Officers have a dispute it is settled by their respective High Admirals. If two High Admirals are in a dispute however, all matters will be settled by the King and High Warlord.

Royal Leadership

The Royal Leadership is split into 2 sections, the Human Leadership and the Orcish Leadership. Each of the three ranks, has two members, one from each side. The King and High Warlord hold the Kingdom as co-monarchs. The Prince and Warlord hold the positions of heir to the Kingdom, both claiming their parents throne if one is to pass. Then there is the third and final rank in the Royal Leadership, the High Seer, and High Chieftain are the advisers to the King and High Warlord, portraying the best interest of the people to their respective monarch. There is then the High Admiral of Strategy, whom is below the Royal Leadership but does not belong in any of the 3 main branches.

King & High Warlord

The King and High Warlord share equal power over the military forces of Malitis. The King and High Warlord usually stay out of military matters, and have their High Admirals deal with all the major problems and missions. When needed the King and High Warlord will step in and make sure the goals and unity are stated and accomplished. The King decides who will be the High Admirals of the Seas and the Sky, commanding them. The High Warlord decides who will be the High Admirals of the Ground and of Strategy, commanding them.

Prince & Warlord

The Prince and Warlord are the heirs to the Kingdom by blood. The Prince gains his birthright when his father dies and he is of age. If his father dies before the crown Prince is of age, then the council of governors will take over temporarily with the powers of the King at a majority vote between them. When the next Prince is of age he will then become King.

The Warlord gains his birthright when he is of age and has passed the trials of the High Warlord. These trials are of the hunt and political training. The last trial being when the Warlord feels that he has learned all he can from his father, he then succeeds him, by slaying his own father in combat. Any Orc of officer ranking in the army can complete this trial, but only the Warlord's life would be spared if failed in the trials, but not an outside challenger's.

High Seer & High Chieftain

The High Seer and High Chieftain are the royal advisers. They usually represent the people of the Kingdom, and they council with representatives from each hold monthly. They then bring the relevant information to the King and High Warlord as the representatives of the people. They are more influential on the King and High Warlord than anyone else in the Kingdom.

The High Seer is usually a powerful divine or arcane spellcaster that is chosen by the King, and stays as the High Seer until death. When the High Seer breaks with law, the King is forced to revoke his position.

The High Chieftain is usually a warrior of some sort. He is usually selected to be High Chieftain from a vote of all of the Orc Clans. If a Chieftain wishes for a new High Chieftain, all they must do is challenge the High Chieftain to combat to the death. If the High Chieftain is slain, a new one will be elected, with the challenger of the duel having two votes instead of one.

High Admiral of Strategy

The High Admiral of Strategy is not a part of the Royal Leadership, but he is not a part of the three branches of the army either. He is of equal rank to the other three High Admirals, and is usually the mediator between inter-army disputes. He is in charge of all strategic operations and devising the battle plans for war. While he is not a part of any of the main army branches, he still has a large force under him. He commands a small portion of troops representing each branch. These are considered reinforcement troops, to be used as their own branch, not under their respective branches. The High Admiral of Strategy works under the commands of the High Warlord.

The Aerial Armada of Malitis

The Aerial Armada of Malitis is the smallest of the three branches of the army. Because of this it is also the hardest to get accepted into. The Kingdom of Malitis only has a small amount of Airships at it's command, therefor it only has a limited force in the skies. While it may be small, it is just as powerful as any other branch in the military. The Airships all hold Gryphons and flying spellcasters to support the Airships in combat.

1: Aerial Admiral*

The Aerial Admiral is the High Admiral of the Aerial Armada of Malitis. He is also the captain of the Aasimar's Fate, the flagship of the Kingdom of Malitis. He is of equal rank to the other 3 High Admirals, but is sometimes more respected than the other High Admirals, because he leads the Flagship which is a beacon of hope in any battle. No Aerial Admiral has ever died or retreated in combat. The Aerial Admiral works under the commands of the King.

2: Sky Captain*

The position of Sky Captain is given to the 9 captains of the Airships owned by the Kingdom of Malitis. The position of Sky Captain is by being the next in command aboard an Airship when the previous captain dies, retires, is promoted, or is removed from command.

3: 1st Commander*

The position of 1st Commander is those of 2nd in command of the 9 Airships owned by the Kingdom of Malitis. It is gained and lost in the same way as the Sky Captain.

4: 2nd Commander*

The position of 2nd Commander is those of 3rd in command of the 9 Airships owned by the Kingdom of Malitis. The position is only given to the Lieutenant Commander with the most extraordinary service record. When the position for the 2nd Commander is open, it is given to the most qualified Lieutenant Commander aboard any Airship, so they may not always stay on the same Airship.

5: Lieutenant Commander*

6: Lieutenant*

7: Sargent

8: Ensign

9: Recruit

Naval Forces

1: Naval Admiral*

2: Fleet Admiral*

3: Commodore*

4: Captain*

5: 1st Mate*

6: 2nd Mate*

7: Lieutenant*

8: Sargent

9: Ensign

10: Privateer

Ground Army

1: Field Admiral*

2: Highlord & Cheiftain & Grand Marshal*

3: Legion General*

4: General*

5: Colonel*

6: Lieutenant Commander*

7: Lieutenant*

8: Special Operations

9: Commander

10: Sargent

11: Soldier

12: Recruit

Notable Figures


  • They are the only faction that rules over multiple subfactions.
  • They are the only faction to ever have two different leaders that rule over as monarchs with equal power.
  • While the actual Navy only has 94 ships, the Kingdom of Malitis actually has hundreds more in transports, supply ships and the subfactions.
  • Even though the Kingdom was united and the war was over, the racism and violent outbreaks still continued for 500 years after the war by loyalists.

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