Alliance of Amadar
Alliance of Amadar

Alignment True Neutral
Constitution Alliance of Amadar
Affiliations Kingdom of Malitis, Dwarven Kingdoms, Elven Empire, Wyvern Accord, United Isles
Main Language Common, Elven, Dwarven
Date Established 1st of Spring; 1 Golden Age
Date Fragmented Active
Status Active

"The world itself could shatter under the drums of war. We are here to prevent the further desecration of our homes and lives. If there is no peace, we would be condemning our children to destruction." - Emperor Roedell'Therosh, of the Elven Empire

The Alliance of Amadar was formed by the Dwarven Kingdoms, the Elven Empire and the Kingdom of Malitis in the beginning of the Golden Age. The Wyvern Accord and the United Isles have both been joined into it as sub-factions under the Kingdom of Malitis. This alliance was formed to prevent war between the major empires and kingdoms of the world. The only large faction that did not join in the alliance are the trolls. This treaty has remained stable for the last 3,000 years.


The Kingdoms of the Elves, and the Dwarves, as well as those of the Kingdom of Malitis, hereby in unison, sign this Alliance to prevent war between each other and to create a lasting peace in the world, ushering in a new age, an age a peace and prosperity for people of all races. Thus, by the date of the signing, which be the 90th day of winter; 4997 of the Iron Age, shall be the final day of that age. For now we shall usher in the Golden Age, which shall last as long as there is peace and unity in the world.

Each Kingdom shall rule individually with their own laws and restrictions, but they must all abide by an agreed foundation of law. Below will be the laws of all whom wish to be part of this alliance.

  • A Kingdom within the alliance should not declare war on anyone within this agreed treaty.
  • A Kingdom within the alliance should not declare war on anyone without the agreed consent of all Kingdoms within the alliance
  • If a Kingdom within the alliance should go to war, whether by agreed consent or by enemy declaration, all Kingdoms within the alliance should aid in the war if requested.
  • If there is an inner conflict within a Kingdom, no Kingdoms within the alliance should interfere with it unless one side has broken one of the laws presented in the Alliance of Amadar.
  • No one shall break the most basic of rights to the people within the Alliance of Amadar; Those rights being the right to speak freely, the right to live without oppression by government, the right to believe in what he wishes to believe in.
  • No one shall commit the crimes such as murder, thievery, torture, or treason against the innocent without punishment by their respective Kingdom.

As long as none of these regulations and laws are crossed, let their forever be peace between all nations. If a nation wishes to this alliance join their kingdom shall be signed with the leader of the time at joining the alliance

Below are the signatures of all those whom participated the drafting of the Alliance of Amadar


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